Patient Profiles

Want to see NMT in action? Check out our Patient Profile videos: 

Meet Carol.

Carol had a stroke that left her with left hemi-neglect.  Her time with MedRhythms allowed her to provide attention back to her visual field 


Meet Just.

Using a Neurologic Music Therapy technique known as "Melodic Intonation Therapy" (MIT), therapist Cobi helps Just regain speech and language capabilities. 


Meet Dr. A.

After a surviving a stroke last year, Dr. A was unable to speak. After working with CEO Brian Harris, he was able to begin speaking again. This video documents his Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony, during which, he accepted the award by reciting his original poem he wrote for the event. 


Meet Peter.

Therapist Brian utilizes NMT interventions such as "Melodic Intonation Therapy" (MIT) and "Musical Speech Stimulation" to help Peter rebuild his speech and language skills.


Meet George.

George suffered a stroke leaving him with severe impairments in his walking.  We used Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation (RAS) to help him regain his ability to walk.


Meet DJ

In the video below, Neurologic Music Therapist Caitlin Hyatt works with our friend DJ, who has been diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. Caitlin helps DJ achieve clinical goals by using various Neurologic Music Therapy interventions, including "Therapeutic Instrumental Music Performance" and "Musical Attention Control Training."


Meet Brian.

Brian suffered a traumatic brain injury leaving him unable to walk. We used Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation to help him regain use of his left leg. This video documents his transformation. 


In The News

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